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Common Surnames: Adams, Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Bailey, Baker, Barnes, Bell, Bennett, Brooks, Brown, Bryant, Butler, Campbell, Carter, Clark, Coleman, Collins, Cook, Cooper, Cox, Davis, Diaz, Edwards, Evans, Flores, Foster, Garcia, Gonzales, Gonzalez, Gray, Green, Griffin, Hall, Harris, Hayes, Henderson, Hernandez, Hill, Howard, Hughes, Jackson, James, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Kelly, King, Lee, Lewis, Long, Lopez, Martin, Martinez, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Murphy, Nelson, Parker, Patterson, Perez, Perry, Peterson, Phillips, Powell, Price, Ramirez, Reed, Richardson, Rivera, Roberts, Robinson, Rodriguez, Rogers, Ross, Russell, Sanchez, Sanders, Scott, Simmons, Smith, Stewart, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Torres, Turner, Walker, Ward, Washington, Watson, White, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Wright, Young.


The U.S. Census Bureau recently published distribution files from the 1990 census, and we have included a ranking of the Top 5,000 Surnames on our site!



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Additional Surname Information
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Online Surname Search Strategies
By Drew Smith

One size does not fit all when it comes to doing genealogical research online. Searching for "Smith" is quite a different matter than searching for "Smithberger." What works well for one surname will not necessarily work well for another, yet I continue to witness frustrated genealogists attempting to use the same search strategy for their surnames of interest. It is no wonder that they often end up with far too much information to sift through, or perhaps none at all.

Anatomy of a Surname
By Suzanne McVetty

A surname, or family name, can be defined as a legal identification tag which is transmitted by family members from generation to generation. The use of a surname is a comparatively recent phenomenon. Surnames were adopted in order to legally distinguish two individuals with the same given name. By surname, we mean a fixed name by which that particular individual is known.

Same Surname Marriages
By Michael John Neill

Some same-surname marriages are the result of relatives marrying each other. These relatives may be relatives by birth or marriage. It is not unheard of in some areas, during some time periods, for first or second cousins to marry. Individuals who are this closely related are more likely to share a surname than those who are more distantly related.

Relearning the Spelling of Your Surnames
By George G. Morgan

One of my greatest challenges in my early genealogy research was locating a great-great-grandfather in the 1850 census records of Caswell County, NC. You see, I knew my great-grandmother's name was Caroline Alice Whitfield. This was evident from her marriage license and other documents. I searched, census page by census page, for other Whitfields in the 1840 and 1860 censuses, but could find no evidence of her father. It finally dawned on me that there may have been a spelling variation on the surname.

English and Welsh Surname Dictionary

This database is a dictionary of English and Welsh surnames. It describes the origin of each surname, indicating from where and from what the surname is derived. It also provides information on variant spellings, pronunciations, and other related names. Surname dictionaries can be a big help in doing research, as they provide information on where our family names came from and what other families we might be related to.



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